Friday, May 10, 2013

Le Ombré

Wow! Is there not an 'Ombré' craze right now!? There is ombré everything -- nails, hair, lips, even clothing! I am really loving the ombré shorts. If you don't own a pair make sure to get your hands on one or make your own! It is a very simple and fun DIY! I'm sure there are many questions that arise, especially for the simple people for which ombré shorts (or ombré anything) might seem over-the-top, but they can also be very simple, practical, and a fun twist to a 'Plain Jane' outfit. For those of us who love over-the-top looks, there are so many fun accessories we can utilize to amp up our ombré shorts -- spikes, studs, stones, patches, glitter, fringe, and a countless amount of other things. 

-There are so many different ombré styles as displayed in the collage (left). You are bound to find the perfect style for you. Some typical questions that arise are the following:
1. Where can I find an inexpensive pair?
2. Can I make them myself (DIY) ?
3. How can I wear my ombré shorts without being over the top?

I will attempt to address these concerns to the best of my ability. If you have any further questions, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment. :)

Ombré shorts are everywhere! Even so, they can still run a tad bit pricey; something your bank account might not like. :/ However, there's always sites where you can find a pair at a reasonable (even cheap) price. A few sites or places I'd recommend that are pretty popular amongst most people already are the following:

-Goodwill!! (Please go here! You will come across some amazing finds!)
-Plato's Closet
-TJ Maxx
-Salvation Army   
-Local Thrift Shops 

The reason I recommend going to thrifts and your local Salvation Army or Goodwill is because you can find some cheap pants and convert them into shorts. This could be part of the DIY Ombré Shorts project. I will post a link to an awesome tutorial. This tutorial also includes the DIY for converting jeans into shorts. It's a very simple look with only white and navy tones:

Here is another link for a more creative, colorful style:

Here is another great link that explains step-by-step how to create your own ombre shorts if you are the type of person that learns by reading directions as opposed to audio instructions: 

Why not Glam Up a bit?
If you're more of a daredevil, then here are some nifty additives to consider adding to your brand new shorts to personalize your look:

Lace Trim
Stich-on/Iron-on Flowers
Studs & Spikes
 Colorful Pearls/beads
 Colorful bows

Jeweled bows

So, how would you wear this latest trend?

I'll share some of my favorite looks. If you have any ideas, please please comment them. I'd love to hear about them. Also comment for any questions/concerns. :)


                                                                                         Photo cred: "Bebe Zeva"

                                                         Photo cred:

                                                      Photo cred:

                                                      Photo cred:

                                                               Photo cred:

                                                       Photo cred:
                                                              Like that flower headwear? Check out my previous post on flower headwear! :)

                                                          Photo cred:

                                                                            Photo cred:

More artistic ideas for your new shorts. :) Hope you all love!

I hope that this blogpost helped at least in a minimal way. I tried to gather as many ideas as possible. If you have any questions, please comment! :) I also recommend the following sites to check out if you would like more ideas on how to wear this versatile, fashion-friendly piece:

-Instagram (search ombré shorts)
- Good ol' Google  

Thank you for checking out my blog! Please comment and feel free to ask questions. :) Also, don't forget to subscribe to keep up-to-date with fashion fun and much, much more!

 Yours truly,

Jessica xoxo

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